Company History
Hughes Auction is a family-based business that has been passed down through three generations.
Hughes Auction has always strived to provide superior expertise and outstanding performance, making
the auction experience an enjoyable one.

Although we have participated in over 2,200 auctions, we understand that each auction is unique to
our seller. Therefore, we continuously strive to provide the best possible experience while easing the
burden of selling your personal or loved one's belongings. We work diligently to make sure your
auction is a success.

Ross Hughes, father of Richard & Ed Hughes and grandfather of
Richie & Zac Hughes, started auctioneering during the mid
1930's before auctioneers were required to be licensed. Ross was
often asked to auction off local property and was known for
having a strong voice without using a PA system. He was a
self-made businessman who took pride in his good rapport with
the community.
Ed Hughes, uncle of Richie & Zac Hughes, founded Ed Hughes
Auction & Real Estate in 1980. He managed a successful business for
over 25 years, conducting over 1,000 auctions across the state of North
Carolina. He was also auctioneer and co-owner of Tabernacle Auction
The Late Ed Hughes
Richard Hughes, father of Richie & Zac Hughes, founded
Tabernacle Auction Firm, sharing ownership with his brother,
Ed Hughes. Although he is retired from the company, he
continues to serve as a consultant to his sons.
Richard Hughes
Richie Hughes, owner of Richie Hughes Auction & Real Estate
Company, is a North Carolina Auctioneer and Real Estate Broker. He
has grown up in the auction business, serving as an auctioneer under Ed
Hughes from 1993-2005. With over 16 years of experience, he has been
involved in over 700 auctions.

While understanding that having an auction can be a stressful time for
the family involved, Richie is sensitive to your needs and strives to make
your auction experience a positive one while providing you with an
exceptional performance. Working as a full-time auctioneer, he is
devoted to working around your schedule.
Richie Hughes
Zac Hughes, brother of Richie Hughes, is a North Carolina
Auctioneer and is the latest addition to the auction business.
Holding a business degree from Campbell University, he is
well-equipped with the tools and knowledge needed to make
your auction a success.
Zac Hughes
Just as their elders were, Richie & Zac are committed to the auction business. With guidance from
the men who have paved the road before them, they are confident in their ability to help you in your
time of need. When it comes time to choose an auction company to conduct your auction, you can
count on Hughes Auction. Richie & Zac always strive hard to satisfy their customers.

For a free consultation, call Richie at (336) 847-7472.
In Memory of Ed Hughes
The "Singing Auctioneer"